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Communication was created by 2wayspeaker

Hey everybody,

Not communicating causes problems for everyone you didn't communicate to.

You want to meet? Fine: post it on the forum with a date/time/location and everybody that is interested can either list their availability or confirm they will come or be absent.

You said you would meet but plans changed? Fine: post it on the forum in a timely fashion so everybody else is informed about this and can change plans if required.

Not enough people confirmed? Fine: post it on the forum and formally cancel the event.

You want to play but not in the location suggested? Fine: post it on the forum and add a clause that you are only available to play in location X/Y/Z on date/time.

Whatever your own intentions might be communicate them to the other people, changing plans or ommitting information impacts other people.

Also the forum exists for a reason: communicating with all at once.
If you go arranging private meetings you do not give a chance to the other community members to stay part of the community. And this community is already very small.

To recap:
Post it on the forum if it impacts other people, do so in enough detail and on time for others to see the post.
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