29/04/2017 Utrecht tournament Sense the Sin

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Replied by borrelstein on topic 29/04/2017 Utrecht tournament Sense the Sin

Finals report:

Maarten (Brujah princes feat Theo Bell)> Ben (Matasuntah wall feat. Enkiduh) > Bart (Weenie Auspex Anarchs) > Rolf (Weenie Presence tap&bleed > Didi (Malgorzata & big cap friends)

Maarten started off with little pressure from his predator, but got slapped by Matasuntah when he tried a Govern superior, so he feels a bit paralyzed.
Ben brings out Matasuntah and a 2-cap, and bleeds Bart for 1, who is afraid to block the bighanded guy as well as the protean weenie, since he has no guns yet. Also pretty soon Matasuntah gets a raven spy.
Bart brings out Victoria, Zoe, Dollface, bleeds a bit for one, and puts down an early Smiling Jack and Madness Network.
Rolf's weenies started off really fast in the early game, with 4 weenie presence dudes, and quickly removed nearly 20 pool from Didi in the first rounds of the game. Didi is barely staying alive due to a villein + giants blood, blocks and deflections.
Despite the pressure, Didi still manages to tool up Malgorzata with abbott, Heart and some other stuff.

When Rolf puts a Pentex on Malgorzata, it looks like Didi is a goner being around 4 or 5 pool., but deflections keep Didi in the game. The table works together to remove Pentex. Rolf has now some empty vampires and a few end up in torpor due to hunt blocks by Didi and Bart. With the Madness Network in play then ousts Rolf, who is tapped out from his lunge attempt.
As Didi is still low on pool, it looks like a second oust could be imminent.

Malgorzata gets pentexed again, this time by Bart, who gets Didi even lower with bleeds for one. The table removes the Pentex and Madness Network. Ben keeps some pressure with bleeds for one, and still does not get blocked as Bart still did not find the concealed weapon/gun combo, and Maarten is also terrified by the big hands with additional strikes.
Maarten did manage to get votelock though with a second prince (Volker?) and Theo Bell.

Bart gets blocked a few times and with empty vampires who must hunt, things start to look bad for him as hunts will be blocked by Matasuntah. Didi calls a Reign of Power which is not blocked by Bart, and hoping Maarten who has votelock will deny his prey 6 pool. However Maarten decides to help Didi and Bart is ousted by the vote.

With the newly gotten pool Ben brings out Enkiduh. Ben now has two +2 hand damage guys on the table, one with permanent intercept and one with permanent rush, and both still full of blood. Didi and Maarten are so intimidated by this sight that they give up, so Ben wins the final with 4 VP!
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Replied by borrelstein on topic 29/04/2017 Utrecht tournament Sense the Sin

Ben sent his Tournament winning deck list, with some comments:

Matasuntha & Enkidu, a true bromance.

Bring out Matasuntha asap. and play a passive wall early and mid game, keep a low profile.
Block strategically, try to totally destroy at least 1 vampire of your predator as deterrent.
Bleed with Matasuntha when you can, he doesn't need to stay untapped.
When your prey's vampires are all in torpor, bring out a small cap vamp/imbued to bleed.
Bring out Enkidu for the end game, if you bring him out too early, you lose your low profile and become a serious table threat.
Pool gain is slow, but defense is stable as long as you have Matasuntha ready, helps with keeping a low profile.
Table talk only when needed and don't be too aggresive in table talk, we're keeping a low profile.


Crypt: 12

Library: 90

Total pool cost: 9

Total blood cost: 12
Total conviction cost: -

Average Capacity: 7.9

Crypt (12 cards)

1 * Andre LeRoux

1 * Béatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay

4 * Enkidu, The Noah

4 * Matasuntha

1 * Robert Price

1 * T.J.

Master (17 cards)

1 * Carver's Meat Packing and Storage

2 * Fame
1 * Information Highway

2 * Minion Tap

2 * Pentex(TM) Subversion
1 * Powerbase: Montreal

1 * Rack, The

1 * Smiling Jack, The Anarch

1 * Tension in the Ranks

3 * Vessel
1 * Wash

1 * Wider View

Combat (41 cards)

6 * Armor of Vitality

2 * Canine Horde

3 * Earth Meld

8 * Psyche!

10 * Pursuit

6 * Rolling with the Punches

6 * Taste of Vitae

Equipment (1 cards)

1 * Bowl of Convergence

Event (1 cards)

1 * Dragonbound

Reaction (26 cards)

4 * Cats' Guidance

3 * Eagle's Sight

3 * Enhanced Senses

3 * Eyes of Argus

3 * My Enemy's Enemy

3 * On the Qui Vive

4 * Sense the Savage Way

3 * Telepathic Misdirection

Retainer (4 cards)

1 * Mr. Winthrop

3 * Raven Spy

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