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gotcha created the topic: vampires

Lucien and I are merging our collections; as a result we both redecorated our places with vampire cards from bottom till ceiling and we still have some spare cards left. We have most of jyhad / dark sovereigns / ancient hearts / final nights but you can ask for everything (besides dmitra, lutz, converts and tupdogs - )
Both trade and selling are possible
Library cards are not sorted yet but will follow later.

We will put stuff on ebay eventually, so rather be quick then late

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squirrel replied the topic: vampires

I've only sorted my crypt-cards propperly, although i've already worked a lot on masters, equipment-cards and imbued-stuff. So I have a fairly good view of what crypt-cards I'm lacking.

Unfortunately, most of those are from keepers or heirs. I've sent you an e-mail with crypt-cards I'm still looking for. Let me know if you had time to take a look at them.

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