New CCTV systems

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CCTV system or Close circuit television is familiar as video surveillance predominant in crime detection and prevention. The role of video surveillance is phenomenal in monitoring public safety and ensuring public safety. These compact cameras are placed in convenient hidden locations to track criminal activities and prevent assaults or attacks in public places. These cameras are also extensively used in the traffic to track overspeeding vehicles, vehicles breaking traffic rules or causing accidents. These cameras are also used in shopping malls, ATMs, banks, military regimes, airports to detect violence and crime. Leading brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Eureka Forbes are introducing high resolution colour CCTV s besides Godrej. The new Godrej video surveillance is used to track wider area with its advanced video management software that monitors up to 8 cameras set up in one or eight locations. It also provides remote access through internet connection with smartphone, tab or laptop. Advanced CCTV systems are fostering better security and promoting total safety. These cameras are also widely used for home security systems and provide residents peaceful stay without attacks or assaults. CCTV system with new features is facilitating better convenience in confirming public safety. In airports efficient video surveillance easily captures the activities of assaulters or travellers carrying dangerous weapons that can threat the safety of the passengers and the flight. In banks and ATMs, it is essential for monitoring the safety of the persons transacting money and it also ensures the safety of the bank officials transacting money. CCTV is proving its efficiency in improving public safety since decade and it is considered a practical safety system.

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